Little known fact: at Bachman Subaru, we’re not just car experts, we’re also relationship experts. With over 100 collective years of relationship experience, we know a thing or two about what makes a relationship last. And the results are in, quality dating is important in a lasting relationship.

So we thought we’d put our expertise together to share a list of car date ideas that are fun, exciting, interesting, and sure to keep the spark alive.

Disclaimer: Bachman Subaru is not responsible for dates gone awry. We supply the great ideas, you supply the genuine interest, charming personality, and good manners.

Car dates ideas you can enjoy anywhere

Go to the drive-in!

Back in the day, all the lovebirds went to the drive-in movie theaters to see the latest show and enjoy the romantic glow. Today, few drive-in movie theaters remain, but those that do make a great date night. 

If you live in Louisville or Southern Indiana you are less than 30 minutes from a drive-in theater. The Georgetown Drive-In, located in Georgetown, Indiana, shows the latest blockbusters on two ginormous screens. Check out what they are currently showing, then grab your sweetheart and go soak up the nostalgia. Just don’t forget to bring cash for entry!

We recommend pairing a drive-in date with the Subaru Legacy. Its spacious interior makes for a comfortable show and the premium audio system features 12 speakers for surround sound experience.

Spend a day at the lake or quarry

When the days get hotter than your relationship, it’s time to cool off with your honey at the lake or quarry. Spend a day soaking up rays, floating, and enjoying the outdoors with each other.

How is this a car date? Well, when you pack up the Subaru Outback for your day trip, its symmetrical all-wheel drive and 8.7-inch ground clearance let you get off the beaten path and explore untouched places. You may spend more time in the car, but you’ll also enjoy spending a relaxing day on your own little part of the lake or quarry.

Falling Rock Park is one such quarry in the Louisville area. Located in LaGrange, Falling Rock is an old rock quarry that filled with rain water. The cool, clear water is perfect for floating, diving, relaxing, and enjoying cold drinks from the back of your Subaru Outback.

Star gaze

What’s more romantic than spending hours just gazing up at the stars and talking with your sweetheart? That’s right. Nothing. So take advantage of the warm summer nights and plan a star gazing car date.

If you live in or near a city, light pollution may affect your ability to see the stars. Don’t worry, though – date-worthy star gazing could only be a short drive away. Hint: National Parks are great places to go for star gazing, so make a trip of it.

As an added bonus, drive a Subaru Forester and enjoy the interior comfort while gazing at the stars through the moonroof. Your date will thank your for the heated seats if it starts to get a little chilly.

Just go driving

Sometimes the perfect date is nothing more than having the opportunity to talk without interruptions and distractions. Simply going for a drive can give you just that. Be sure to pack a few snacks and create a playlist you’ll both enjoy, then you’ll be on your way to a simple, yet sweet car date.

Relationships should be fun and exciting, so we hope these car date ideas help keep the love alive. And remember, your significant other wants to feel heard and appreciated. So when they mention the Subaru they love, be sure to bring them to Bachman Subaru, and they’ll know you care.