Subaru EyeSight was launched in 2012 and is designed to revolutionize automobile safety and save lives on the road. EyeSight is like having two extra eyes helping you drive and brings awareness and confidence for every trip. With more Subaru models becoming equipped with EyeSight, new car buyers and drivers alike have a lot of questions. These are the most frequently asked questions about EyeSight.

What is EyeSight?

EyeSight is a technology feature in Subaru models that assists the driver in many ways. There is a set of dual color cameras placed obscurely near the rear-view mirror. When driving, the cameras are constantly observing objects in their field of view. They monitor traffic flow, help optimize cruise control, and assist in staying in the lane.

What are the four features of EyeSight?

These four features warn you when there is danger ahead and can apply the brakes when needed.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control comes in handy during rush hour traffic. Eyesight will apply the breaks when traffic slows down and will increase speed when traffic clears. It will even bring the car to a complete stop in bumper to bumper traffic and alert you when the car in front of you speeds up.

2. Lane Departure and Sway Warning alerts the driver when the car is entering another lane without signaling. Beeps sound and a warning appears on the dashboard when this happens and also when the car is swaying in the lane due to drowsiness or distracted driving. Lane Assist steps in when these alerts occur and will gently steer the car back into the lane.

3. Pre-Collision Braking can help prevent rear ending the car in front of you. EyeSight is constantly assessing the distance of objects in its field of vision. When a car suddenly stops, EyeSight analyzes the closing speed. It will sound an alert and flash a visual warning if there is the danger of a collision. If the driver does not immediately apply the brakes, EyeSight will apply the brakes automatically.

4. Pre-Collision Throttle Management can help from accidentally accelerating into something ahead. EyeSight can significantly cut the power of the throttle, allowing the driver time to see the obstacle ahead and prevent an accident.

Where can you put a toll bridge sticker?

If you commute across toll bridges and use a sticker, like RiverLink, which has specific directions on where to place it, you will need to keep in mind the EyeSight cameras and where you can place it so that it doesn’t block their view.

What Subaru models are Equipped with EyeSight?

When equipped with EyeSight, these models received the highest possible 2017 rating for front crash prevention by the IIHS.

EyeSight technology has saved real lives. To hear the stories, view them on Subaru’s YouTube channel.