Even though Louisville’s weather has been a total roller-coaster, we have high hopes that spring is just around the corner. At the end of each winter season, we spring-clean our homes and knock the dust off of everything just in time for warmer temperatures, so why not your vehicle as well?

It’s likely that your Subaru, at least, needs a thorough cleaning inside and out to slough off the salt and dirt – if not a complete service inspection. Residue from winter weather can cause permanent damage to the paint and interior of your car.

At Bachman Subaru, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few items to keep your Subaru in tip-top shape. Most of these items can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle, but if you want to apply a little extra care and gain peace of mind, bring your Subaru in for service with us!

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Subaru Maintenance Tips for Spring

Winters can be harsh on the car. Colder temperatures and difficult roads can cause strain on different parts of the vehicle. Swerving potholes and hitting them dead on, among other acquired winter driving skills, can put extra wear and tear on your vehicle.

Here are a few items you should have inspected to keep your Subaru in peak condition after winter.

Thoroughly Clean and Detail. We are suckers for a nice, clean Subaru. Sloughing off winter, like the salt, slush, and dirt from the streets, is a great way to get your spring car care routine started. Give your vehicle a nice thorough detail of the inside and out. Make sure to dust the dash and clean off the radio buttons. A fresh wax and squeaky clean interior will make your Subaru feel brand new.

Change Oil / Fluids. Along with a clean car, your mind will be at ease after your Subaru has been in for an oil change and a full service inspection. We make it so easy that you can schedule your service appointment online! Keeping on top of these maintenance items can prolong the life of any vehicle.

Check Tires. Your tire pressure expands and contracts as the weather cools and warms. After the up and down temperatures we’ve had lately, you should double-check your tire pressure to prevent any wear spots along the way. While your at it, check the condition of your spare, too.

Tires should be rotated every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Your tires should never be “bald”, meaning there should always be a visible track pattern. When placed between the track pattern, a penny should be able to stay on its side.

If you would rather bring your Subaru in to see a pro, schedule an appointment with us online.

Check Car Emergency Supplies. Spring is a good time to evaluate the emergency supplies you keep in your car, including tools and equipment. Everyone needs a good stock of emergency supplies. You can read more about what we recommend here.

As a Subaru owner, it’s top of mind to be prepared. This will give you a chance to take inventory and replace items that are low.

Windshield Wipers. Windshield wipers will often need to be replaced after a harsh winter. The “swooshing” back and forth over your icy windshield can really do some damage to your wiper blades.

When your wipers leave streaky residue across your windshield, it’s time for a new set of wiper blades. Often, we offer coupons on parts for purchase. Check our parts specials to get the best deal.

Spring is an excellent time to schedule an overall inspection with Bachman Subaru to make sure that the car is in good running order.

Bring your Subaru in for a routine inspection, including balancing and rotating the tires, checking fluid levels, and other major and minor service items. Regular maintenance will help you to detect any issues immediately so that you can avoid a more costly problem.

Keeping your Subaru model’s maintenance in check allows you and your family to hit the road and enjoy the warmer weather without worry!